Community Member of the Year!

Gloria Nicholson

“Gloria is a shining example of giving, tirelessly. She helps at City Hall with projects, she takes leadership on the Council by pushing forward conversations into action, she volunteers to serve on the Beautification Group and gives time to other Donald-based activities and organizations including the Aurora Fire Board. She is an extraordinary person who deserves recognition.” said City Manager Heidi Bell. Gloria takes time to represent the City at meetings for traffic safety. Councilor Rod Scott touted her amazing work at the Council Meeting and ended by saying “and she is a great cook!” Everyone agreed that Gloria is unquestionably a perfect example of community service. She said “my favorite thing to do is volunteer at City Hall, it gets me out of the house and I love doing the odds and ends activities that I get assigned.” The project that brought her the most joy was purging old paperwork. “What an eye-opener it has been: looking back at the history of Donald and how far we have come and how things have changed for the good.” City Accountant Lisa Hassel remarked “We don’t pay her enough, I just bring her a few chocolates from home and it keeps her going!” Planning Commission Vice Chair and Hazelnut Festival Chair Neil Strathdee said “Gloria is everywhere!” Gloria shared that she is very excited for the Council’s involvement in the CERT project and the new sidewalks. “Gloria is a very special lady, phenomenal cook and someone I look up to. I am so lucky to know her," said Randi Meadors, City Clerk. Jenny Strathdee wanted to share “Gloria is always dressed for the festivity.” We are all lucky to have Gloria in Donald and even if you don’t know her, she has given her time to serve you. Thank you Gloria for caring, your love, time and heart. 


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June 2020
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May 2020
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March 2020
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The City is located 24 miles south of Portland and 27 miles north of Salem in the stunning Willamette Valley. Champoeg State Heritage Park, which is one of the State of Oregon’s most notable landmarks, is just four miles west. Six miles east of town is Willamette Aviation, Oregon’s third busiest airport. Donald’s unique location provides easy access to some of Oregon’s biggest cities and attractions while remaining a small rural community.

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