Community Member of the Year



Katie Gonzalez

It is no surprise that Councilor Katie Gonzalez received a nomination for Community Member of the Year. She serves as Liaison of the Council’s Civic Engagement and Public Health Focus Group. Councilor Gonzalez takes pride in serving Donald and has become a recognized leader in the community.  The City Council received a nomination from Krista Fogelson who wrote among other things “Katie always seems to take opportunities to step up and volunteer to make Donald a better place for everyone. She is indeed a blessing in our community.” Just in 2020, she kept the public informed regarding COVID-19 health concerns and the resources for public assistance programs. She delivered food boxes to those in need and created and manages a Food Pantry Box (give/take) outside of City Hall. She also ran a voter registration drive. When she found out, her first reaction was to be “shocked and honored.” “For 2021, I hope that more people volunteer. I work a full-time job, have a family with a kid, and find the time. Even just a few hours a month can make difference to make the town even better.” “I like Donald’s small town atmosphere that makes it a safe place to raise our child and you get to know one another. Also, we don’t have to worry about big-city drama. I am thankful I live here! And here is to 2021 to being a better year! Whoop! Whoop!!”

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