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Construction Projects

Drilling for Water Well #3

Project ID: Drinking Water Well #3

Project Type: Capital Improvement Project

Project Status: Active

Project Start Date: Spring 2023

Site Location: Rees St. 

Project Contractor: Schneider Water Services

Funding Source: American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

Project Update:

  • April 2023: Well drilled.

  • May 2023: Casing installed.

  • June 2023: Flow testing being conducted.

  • July 2023: Well house and supportive equipment design is underway with construction anticipated over winter. Project anticipated to be complete by Spring 2024.

Project Description: The project will expand the water system capacity to serve both new and existing customers, improve reliability with new equipment, reduce the burden on operators with fully automated systems, improve energy and water efficiency and provide redundancy with the addition of the second well. The benefit to the community includes a modern, reliable, safe and secure drinking water system that will support population growth and economic development for the next 20 years. 

Matthieu St.

Project ID: Matthieu St. Improvement Project: COMPLETE

Project Type: Capital Improvement Project

Project Status: Active

Project Start Date: 2021

Site Location: Matthieu St. 

Project Contractor Phase 1: Haworth Incorporated

Funding Source:

      ODOT Small Cities Allotment Grant $100,000

      Cities Contribution: Up to $100,000

Project Update: 

  • June 2023: Project construction complete.

Project Description: The Matthieu St. Improvement Project consists of 550 lineal feet of sidewalk, ADA ramps, driveways and full road width overlay. This project has been designed by City Engineering Firm Tetra Tech, Inc.

Pacific Lumber Construction siteSite.png

Project ID: Pacific Lumber

Project Type: Private Project - Industrial Construction

Project Status: Active

Project Start Date: 2023

Site Location: 21270 Butteville Rd.  

Project Contractor: Endres Northwest Inc.

Project Update: 

  • April 2023: Preliminary grading in process. Working on finalizing building permits for construction. 

Project Description: Consolidation of 2 lots into 1 Industrial lot. Construction of 110,000sq./ft. speculative Industrial building with office space and loading docks. 


Project ID: Harvest Gardens Agrihood

Applicant: GRC Landholdings, LLC

Project Type: Land Use

Project Status: Active

Project Start Date: 2021

Site Location: Southeast corner of Donald, OR 

Project Update:

  • June 2023: Phase 1 Home construction has commenced.  

  • July 2023: Phase 2 Plan Review being finalized. 

Project Description: Harvest Gardens is a planned community and working farm that will be located on the SE corner of Donald's City limits. A variety of lot sizes and housing types are provided that are intended to accommodate a mix of home sizes and plans, appealing to a broad range of future residents and the local workforce.  

Project Docs:

Blake Ct. waterline

Project ID: Blake Ct. Waterline Project: COMPLETE

Project Type: Capital Improvement Project

Project Status: Complete

Project Start Date: Winter 2022

Site Location: Blake Ct. 

Project Contractor: Haworth Incorporated

Funding Source: Budgeted Project

Project Update:

  • June 2023: Project construction complete. 

Project Description: The project consists of 455 lineal feet of 8-inch PVC water line, fire hydrant, connection to existing waterline, reconnecting service laterals, abandoning an existing 2-inch waterline, temporary trench and all associated work. 

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