City Council Meetings

Prior recordings and written minutes are available upon request.


A = Agenda 

A.A.S. = Action Agenda Summary  

P.N. = Public Notice 

W.S.A. = Work Session Agenda  

W.A.A.S. = Work Session Action Agenda Summary

E.S.N. = Executive Session Notice     

S.S.A. = Special Session Agenda

G.S.A. = Goal Setting Agenda

G.S.A.A.S. = Goal Setting Action Agenda Summary

2021 City Council

January Regular Meeting A & A.A.S.

February Regular Meeting A & A.A.S

March S.S.A. & S.S.A.A.SA & A.A.S.

April G.S.A. & G.S.A.A.S. & A & AAS

          G.S.A. & G.S.A.A.S.

May Agenda & Action Agenda Summary

June Agenda


Next City Council Meeting:

Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 6:45pm

Meeting Schedule

Some audio recordings exceed the size limit and cannot be uploaded to website. Contact City Hall to request audio.