Planning Commission

The Planning Commission meets the fourth Thursday of the month at 6:45 pm, at City Hall, as needed. 

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Prior recordings, agendas, notices and action agenda summaries are available upon request.  

A= Agenda 

P.N.= Public Hearing Notice

A.A.S.= Agenda Action Summary

2019 Agendas & Minutes 

January A  & A.A.S.     February A & A.A.S.

May A & A.A.S.

June A & A.A.S.

July P.N. & A & A.A.S.

September A & P.N.

October P.N. & A

2018 Agendas & Minutes 

January A & A.A.S.         April A & A.A.S.         

May Development Code Workshop A.A.S.

June A & A.A.S.                July A & A.A.S.

November A & A.A.S.