Police and Fire Protection

Non-Emergency Dispatch 
503-588-5032 (available 24/7)

Call 911 for 

Emergencies (not City Hall)

Marion County Sheriff's Office

The City contracts with the Marion County Sheriff's Office for local policing. Sheriff Jason Myers is committed to working collaboratively with community partners to enforce the laws and create a sense of safety. If you have an issue that you would like a deputy to investigate or talk with you about please call City Hall and the City Manager will setup a meeting. Anonymous tips or information can be reported as well to City Hall. Visit the Sheriff's Office website for more resources like the crime maps, getting an alarm permit, viewing the jail inmate roster, and much more! 


Below you will find the Sheriff's Patrol Logs and Stats for the month. These reports are reviewed monthly at the Donald City Council Meetings. The logs are reports from the shifts that are paid for by the City. The stats are based on police involvement in the City (a compilation of information from both City contract and regular patrol hours).

Crime Prevention Tip

With colder weather approaching, more people are inclined to warm their car engine up before driving away. Stay with your vehicle. If you have to get something from inside your home, turn off your car, don't leave it running unattended, even if it is just for a few minutes. 

Deputy Nelson

Marion County Sheriff's Office

Fire Services - Aurora Rural Fire District 

The Aurora Rural Fire District serves the Cities of Donald and Aurora as well as rural areas in both Marion and Clackamas counties, spanning over 64 acres. There are two fire halls, one in Aurora and one in Donald. Next door to the Donald Fire Hall is the "sleeper station" which houses students studying to become a firefighter. Visit the Fire District's website to apply to be a volunteer, report a smoke/burn violation to the DEQ, learn about the smoke detector program and access other helpful fire services.  The fire administration can be reached at 503-678-5966.  

The Emergency Response Logs are reviewed monthly at the City Council meetings. You will see all the types of calls that your ARFD responds to in a month and response times.

The City is located 24 miles south of Portland and 27 miles north of Salem in the stunning Willamette Valley. Champoeg State Heritage Park, which is one of the State of Oregon’s most notable landmarks, is just four miles west. Six miles east of town is Willamette Aviation, Oregon’s third busiest airport. Donald’s unique location provides easy access to some of Oregon’s biggest cities and attractions while remaining a small rural community.

Where is Donald?