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Sewer Department

The City of Donald has a unique wastewater collection and treatment process. Each household has its own septic tank where wastewater flows into the tank and is separated into three components: settleable solids (sludge), clarified effluent (liquid), and floatable solids (scum). Both the sludge and the scum are retained in the tank until they’re pumped out by a septic tank cleaning service hired by the City. The liquid passes through the tank into a pump vault chamber composed of a pump, floats, tub, and a control panel. The control panel will be located on the outside wall of your home or building near the tank. The liquids are then pumped to the sewer lagoons located at the west side of town for treatment and disposal.

Sewer Alarms

If the alarm on the sewer control box ever sounds, it is your responsibility to call the Water & Sewer Emergency Pager # immediately at 503-301-6479. Please leave your name, number, address and the nature of the problem. Residents in Brentwood Court and Country Oaks Estates have private systems and must also contact their management. 

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