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Planning & Zoning

The City of Donald contracts with the Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments (MWVCOG) for planning services. Contractors provide the City with technical and professional advice and assist City Staff in the interpretation and enforcement of City ordinances, codes and comprehensive plans. The City staff works closely with our contracted service providers to offer a smooth and streamlined development review process.

Many proposed changes to a property will require planning review and approval in order to be in compliance with the City's Development Code. For example, you should inquire if you want to start a home-based business, divide your property, install a sign, or establish a new use on vacant property. There are circumstances where a permit may not be required by the City, but development rules apply, such as when building a fence, installing an air conditioner or building a porch; we are happy to discuss these types of projects with you. For complex proposals, a pre-application conference is recommended. Planning assistance can be provided by emailing the City Manager or calling City Hall during regular office hours. 

Planning Steps:

  1. Determine the property's zoning designation - Donald Zone Map

  2. Determine the property's allowed use - Donald Development Code

  3. Complete an application if a permit is required in order to proceed with proposed project - Land Use Application

  4. Determine the fee - Fee Schedule

  5. Submit the application, any required attachments, a signed Fee Acknowledgement and the fee to Donald City Hall. Please email an electronic version to  

  6. The review process begins once the completed application and fee is received. Staff will contact you if any additional information is needed for completeness. 

  7. The application must comply with all decision criteria in order to be approved. 

UGB Expansion Project

During the City's 2015 Comprehensive Plan update, it was determined that the City of Donald had a deficit of approximately 76.7 acres when providing for Donald’s 20-year residential land needs. Therefore, the City of Donald initiated an Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) expansion study to comply with State laws and to address the identified land needed for local housing.

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