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System Development Charges (SDCs)

The City of Donald utilizes System Development Charges to fund water, wastewater, park, stormwater and transportation projects identified in our master plans. The money collected is used to build, or reimburse, necessary capital improvement projects needed to support an increased population or increased use caused by new development. These charges allow some of the cost of increasing infrastructure capacity to be paid for by those developing the property.

Donald’s System Development Charge calculations are based on established guidelines from Oregon legislation. Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 223.297-223.314 defines SDCs and specifies how they are to be calculated, applied and accounted for by local government. By statute, an SDC is the sum of two components:

  • A Reimbursement Fee, designed to recover costs associated with capital improvements already constructed or under construction

  • An Improvement Fee, designed to recover costs associated with capital improvements to be constructed in the future

You can find the SDC Update Report (2021) which includes the current Capital Improvement Projects, our SDC rates (updated annually), and the City of Donald SDC Methodology Report (2016), below. Questions regarding the SDC program should be directed to the Building Clerk at 503-678-5543.

SDCs are calculated during the zoning review process and are due at the time of building permit issuance. 

Key Facts About SDCs:

  • SDCs are one-time charges, not ongoing rates or taxes

  • SDCs include existing (Reimbursement) and future (Improvement) cost components

  • SDCs do not fund ongoing system maintenance

  • SDCs are intended to recover a fair share of the cost of existing and planned facilities needed to serve new growth

Includes Capital Improvement Projects

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