Water and Sewer

If your completed application is received between 8am - 3pm the water/sewer account will be turned on and setup in the same day. Cost is $50 payable by cash, money order or check. Email completed forms to CityHall@DonaldOregon.gov

The water meter will be read during the work week and the account will be prorated. The last bill will be mailed to the forwarding address.

Email completed forms to CityHall@DonaldOregon.gov

Please complete this form if you want to change any account information - including adding or removing an account holder

Email completed forms to CityHall@DonaldOregon.gov

Please complete this application and be sure to review the process for receiving a leak credit. 

Click on the button below for a list of resources including utility help, food assistance, shelter/housing and other community resources.

The City is responsible for the maintenance and repairs to the septic tank, including the regular pumping of the septic tank. Please be advised that you will receive a notice before the City staff and an outside service's agent begin the pumping. The process can take up to 30 minutes and no one needs to be home for the pumping. If you have questions please contact the

Public Works Office at 503-678-1411.

Septic Tank Pumping Process

Want to pay your water bill from HOME?

Most banks offer free online bill pay! Just log into your bank account and add the

City of Donald to your bill-pay.

Our mailing address is:

PO Box 388, Donald, OR 97020

Sewer Alarms

Have you ever wondered about the alarm on the sewer control box outside your house? It is a part of the sewer system and, arguably, the most important part. It indicates that the float inside is reaching the full capacity. If you hear it, it is up to you to call Public Works (PW). Your call is linked to a paging system that alerts them. There is less than a 24 hour window between the alarm and overflow. Call 503-301-6479 and leave your name, address, and the type of emergency you are having. After you have paged PW, you can then press the button on the control panel and the alarm should stop.  Be sure to tell your whole family about the sewer alarm process! One cause is that if there has been a lot of rain in a short amount of time, it could trip the system. However, please page PW to be on the safe side. Residents in Brentwood Court and County Oak Estates have private systems and must also contact their management.