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Utility Billing

Click the button above to see current Water & Sewer Rates or for information on how your Water & Sewer bill is calculated.

Allow 24 business hours for a new Water & Sewer Accounts. 

Email completed application above to:

or drop off at City Hall in the Water & Sewer Payment Drop Box along with a $50 non-refundable hookup fee. 

Allow 24 business hours to close a Water & Sewer Account.

Email completed Request for Disconnection above to or drop off at City Hall in the

Water & Sewer Payment Drop Box.

Complete the Account Change Form above if you want to change account information such as mailing address.

Email form to

or drop off at City Hall in the Water & Sewer Payment Box.

Drinking Water

Easily pay your Water & Sewer bill online!

We've made it safe and easy for you to pay your bill online.

First Register: Click on the button below and follow instructions to sign up.

It's simple, quick & safe. Just click on the "First time user? Register Now" link. Note: Before you make your first payment you must verify your email. 

Septic Tank Pumping Process

The City is responsible for the maintenance and repairs to the septic tank, including the regular pumping of the septic tank. Notice will be given before the pumping process begins. If you have questions please contact Public Works at 503-678-1411.

Sewer Alarms

If the alarm on the sewer control box ever sounds, it is your responsibility to call the Water & Sewer Emergency Pager # immediately at 503-301-6479. Please leave your name, number, address and the nature of the problem. Residents in Brentwood Court and Country Oaks Estates have private systems and must also contact their management. 

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