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Hometown Park Improvement Project

Hometown Park

Project ID: Hometown Park Improvement Project

Project Status: Not Started
Project Start Date: TBD

Site Location: 10730 Main St. NE

Estimated Cost for Improvements: $200,000

Funding Source: TBD

Project Description: 

The City of Donald’s Hometown Park is in need of resurfacing and ADA improvements. The Park currently plays a major role in the city’s social infrastructure and is not only a play area for children but a gathering place for community members. This park serves as a vital green space within the community as well as an important asset for community health, environmental sustainability, youth development, economic development, and quality of life. 


The current surfacing of the park has fallen into a state of disrepair. A project objective is to resurface the park with a rubberized surface that will provide sanitary conditions along with a safer place for children to play. A surface of this nature will also further ADA compatibility, which is another primary objective of this project. Additional ADA compliance will be achieved by providing ADA access from Main Street to the park (which does not currently exist), a pathway around the perimeter of the park, and an ADA accessible seating/resting area within the park. We are estimating $200,000 for this project. 


The ultimate goals of the Hometown Park Improvement Project are to address the need of and strengthen communal social infrastructure and to ensure park access for the enjoyment of all.  Our City Council is 100% supportive of this project in their continuous effort to sustain a healthy and viable community.   

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